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Thinking about a business loan?
Stack the deck in your favor - before you approach a lender!

The first place most business owners and managers turn when they're thinking about a loan is their own bank. Seems logical; after all, the relationship is well established.

However, there is a potential problem in simply submitting documents as requested, even if you know the bank officers personally.

If the bank sees a significant error in your financial reports, or a shortcoming in a key ratio, they are not likely to tell you much about it, or how you might be able to bring it up to their standard. They're more likely to simply decline.

Why would they do this, especially to a long-time customer? The answer is simple: most banks have a policy whereby a loan officer cannot tell a customer how to run his or her business. If they were to do so, and something went wrong with the customer's loan repayment, the customer might say the bank was somehow responsible.

One way to improve your chance of success is to have one of our experienced professionals look at your loan application package before it goes to a lender.

The Pathfinder Metrics Financing Package is flexible enough to simply review your documents and give you a critique, or it can include full loan package preparation. A professional approach can show your loan repayment projections and your company's creditworthiness in a favorable light.


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