Our cost control package enables you to confidently commit to a price

The key to effective bidding and pricing.

Cost control-- not only is it the key to effective bidding and pricing, but it governs bottom line results and ultimately the very existence of the company.

When a company understands its costs on a per product, per job, or per project basis, it can price competitively to obtain new business and still make a profit. If the company doesn't have a detailed knowledge of its overall cost structure, including both fixed and variable costs, today's intense competition can cause it to take on unprofitable business without realizing it.

Knowing your "walk-away" number each time you commit to a price is critical. Our cost control package of services will enable you to identify your costs even in the most complex operating environment. You'll be able to bid and price more confidently.

Our clients and experience include large government contracts, construction contracts, and production machine shops, as well as retail and service operations.



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