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Filling the need for financial strategy and decision support information.

The typical small and medium sized enterprise assigns its accounting functions to an in-house bookkeeper, with occasional support from an outside CPA. Such an approach can be a good beginning, but it is only a beginning. If the functions of Controller and CFO are not performed, the company's growth is likely to be hampered.

For example, one of the more frequent consequences of attempting to get by without senior management accounting input is the emergence of a cash flow problem. With proper financial forecasting systems, potential cash flow shortfalls can usually be addressed months in advance, and thus avoided.

Another common problem stems from inadequate cost information. Without a thorough understanding of how its costs are generated, a company can inadvertently make commitments that result in losses.

Pathfinder Metrics was founded to provide the business manager with an affordable way to obtain more and better information about the company's financial condition and its financial potential. We provide an array of management accounting, strategic planning, and finance services not commonly offered by accounting firms that are more oriented to historical and tax reporting.

Working with the client's existing staff and CPA, we fill the gaps that need filling. The result is a fully capable management accounting and financial infrastructure that supports management's strategic objectives.


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